serving Towson, Morgan State and UMBC

What we believe

-We have met God in the person of Jesus and learned from his self-giving love for all people

-Because of Jesus' resurrection, we know that there is life beyond death and hope beyond despair

-The Holy Spirit is still at work in our world, empowering God's people to live out God's love

-God welcomes all people into relationship- no exceptions.  We fully welcome our LGBTQ+ siblings into the life of our ministry and into leadership.

-God longs for peace and justice in our world, our city, our families and our lives and calls us into that work in the world.  Because God loves us, we get to be co-creators of the abundant, just and beautiful world God intends. 

-God has a habit of using people we don't expect to do God's work.

-God loves us despite our failings and invites us continue to return to God's ways and be refreshed by God's love so we can serve others and live in community with them

-Our faith doesn't give us all the answers to life's questions, but it grounds us in the story of God's love which is the ultimate answer for us

-Questioning and doubt are necessary parts of our faith

We are a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  For more information, go to

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