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Feeding our Community

Feeding people has always been part of Christian community has done.  From the time Jesus fed 5,000 people with just a little bread and fish, his followers have been following his lead.  In the earliest days of the church, Jesus followers made sure all the widows and orphans in the town were fed and even appointed people to make sure this essential work was done.  Feeding people is Jesus thing.  It's a Jesus-follower thing.  And it's a Table thing, too.  Come help feed people with us. 
Sharing food with Towson students and staff in need

Jesus had this habit of feeding people so we do, too.  We are proud to get to work with the Towson administration to run FoodShare which provides non-perishable food and toiletries to students, staff and faculty who find themselves in need.  Let folks know it's here when they need it. 

                                                                                        NEW Exterior entrance behind the building- across from Residence Tower

Fall 2020 Hours
                                                                        Mondays 10am-1pm                            Thursdays 3pm-6pm
                                                        AND BY APPOINTMENT- email or text (443) 543-6965

CURRENT FOOD PANTRY NEEDS (updated 8/8/20): granola bars, canned or dried fruit, soy and almond milk