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What we're bringing back from Spring Break to our own communities

Posted by Baltimore Lutheran Campus Ministry on March 25, 2019 at 10:15 AM

Here's a few reflections from our students about what they'll be talking about first with friends and and family after this Spring Break trip:

Just the state of Selma, how run-down it is, after something so important happened there. - Janae

The realities of mass incarceration and the way we got there.- Dazia

(The Legacy Museum detailed the path from slavery to incarceration and convict leasing after Reconstruction to Jim Crow laws and lynching to the War of Drugs- which had a distinct racial component, as is now admitted by policy advisors)-

That everyone needs to experience The Legacy Museum- Marian

Information about the criminal justice system and how the public defender said that poverty, more than race, determines how you're treated in the system.  - Unique

About how poor the education system is in Montgomery, Alabama.- Amanda

How so many women that we don't often hear about were involved in the Civil Rights Movement. - Sam

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